Pony Club Secrets Stories by Stacey Gregg
Pony Club Secrets Stories by Stacey Gregg

'Stacy Gregg loved horses right from the start.

Determined to have her own pony, she saved up every cent and by the time she was five, her piggy bank was groaning with enough small change to buy a horse. Unfortunately, her dreams continued to be hampered by the fact that she lived in the city with her exasperatingly unhorsey'family. There would be another four frustrating years of cantering on brooms around the Gregg family living room until, finally, her parents went rural and a string of ponies followed! - Mystic and the Midnight Rider Issie LOVES horses and is a member of the Chevalier Point Pony Club, where she looks after her pony, Mystic, trains for gymkhanas and hangs out with her best friends.When Issie is asked to train Blaze, an abandoned pony, her riding skills are put to the test. Can she tame the spirited new horse? And is Blaze really out of danger? - Blaze and the Dark Rider Issie and her friends have been picked to represent the Chevalier Point Pony Club at the Interclub Gold Shield, the biggest competition of the year. It?s time to get training! But when equipment is sabotaged and one of the riders is injured, Issie and her friends are determined to find out who?s to blame. With a little help from Issie?s old pony Mystic, maybe they can solve the mystery? - Destiny and the Wild Horses Issie and Blaze were hot favourites to win the Chevalier Point Pony Club dressage competition, but now they have to spend the summer on her aunt?s farm instead! When Issie finds out Blaze can go with her and she?ll be helping to train horses for the movies things start to look up. - Stardust and the Daredevil Ponies Issie has landed her dream job handling horses on a real film set! And with a group of frisky palominos to deal with, Issie asks her friends at pony club to help out too. But it?s not just the horses who play up on set what is spoilt actress Angelique?s problem? Could this be Issie?s chance for stardom? - Comet and the Champion's Cup When Aunty Hess opens a riding school for the summer, Issie and her pony-club friends go along to help out. Issie gets to know Comet, a naughty but talented pony with real showjumping promise. But can she train him in time to compete at the Horse of the Year show? - Storm and the Silver Bridle At the Chevalier Point Pony Club Issie is spending all her time with Blaze?s young colt Nightstorm. With such fine breeding, he is extremely valuable, and Issie is unaware that the young colt?s progress is being closely watched. When Nightstorm is stolen, Issie?s search for him takes her all the way to Spain on an exciting and gruelling adventure to win her pony back. - Fortune and the Golden Trophy Issie and friends are surprised when Natasha Tucker's dad is made pony club president and unveils the Tucker Trophy competition. Issie's facing her biggest training challenge yet Fortune, a dozy piebald Blackthorn Pony shemust work into winning form. That is if she can keep him awake! Meanwhile, someone is doing their best to wreck relations between the riders and a nearby golf course. Could Pony Club itself be under threat?'

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