Balance your love of riding with love of life
If you have been riding, showing and generally enjoying your horse for years, there is no reason to give up your favorite sport when the time comes to head off to college. Getting a great education is important, but that does not mean you have to stop riding.

As you start your search for the perfect school, you will find that a number of great colleges and universities also have top equestrian programs. In fact, some of those colleges and universities even have equestrian teams that compete at the national and even international level.

Choosing one of those schools is the perfect way to combine your love of riding with your zest for life. As you move through your studies, you will find that maintaining a proper balance between your passion for horses and your passion for learning is vital. Learning a skill that can help you earn a great living is important, since the money you earn will help you maintain your riding habit into adulthood. Horses are an expensive hobby, especially if you love to show, and you will need a good job to support your favorite pastime.

One of the great things about attending an equestrian college is that you can learn some valuable business skills, even if you choose to focus on areas like horse training, farrier services and barn management. Even if you focus on one of these equestrian-centered activities, you will need to learn the business skills associated with each. Barn managers, for instance, need to have top notch business skills to balance the books, manage payments from clients and keep track of the expenses associated with managing, breeding and showing top quality horses.

Developing an active social life outside of the equestrian world is another challenge students need to face as they move out into the real world. Making friends and developing interests outside the show ring can be particularly difficult for students engaged in intercollegiate equestrian competitions, especially when extensive travel is involved. Even so, it is important for students to develop a good balance between their lives in the classroom and their outside interest, both in and out of the saddle. After all, college is intended to be a preparation for life, and life is often a balancing act. A good college will prepare its graduates for adult life, both by providing solid classroom instruction and practical skills and by giving students the freedom to explore additional areas of interest.

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