Tilly's Pony Tail Stories on CD
Tilly's Pony Tail Stories on CD

'- Pony stories on CD by Pippa Funnell - Collect the series or listen to individual stories! - Beautifully read by Clare Balding The series features a central character called Tilly Redbrow.

Tilly is an adopted child with a passion for ponies. . These are warm and engaging stories, and each book also comes with a special advice section from Pippa on everything you'd want to know about horses. Aimed at children aged 8+. 1: Magic Spirit the dream horse Tilly is an adopted child with a passion for ponies. The only clue to her past is a bracelet made of plaited horse hair. But when Tilly helps to rescue Magic Spirit, a rescue horse who has been so badly treated by humans that he won't let anyone close, everything changes. 2: Red Admiral the racehorse Ever since Tilly rescued Magic Spirit, Silver Shoe Farm has become her second home. Tilly has a special affinity with horses and her special gift draws her to an injured young thoroughbred racehorse, Red Admiral . Red might never compete again - unless Tilly can find a way to help him. 3: Rosie the perfect pony Tilly longs for a pony of her own, and often helps her friends Cally and Mia take care of their pony, Rosie. Then Cally has some news and though it takes everyone by surprise, Tilly realises that sometimes good things happen when you least expect? 4: Samson the stallion It's nearly Christmas and everyone at Silver Shoe Farm is excited about the Olympia horse show - especially Tilly. A chance encounter with Samson, a highly-strung stallion, means Tilly's special gift with horses is not only in demand at home, but at the show too! '

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