Using the hips to turn the horse

  |   Category: Dressage

JP Giacomini gives a riding lesson to Rachel Buher from Alaska. Rachel started with a very stiff back and she was started at Equus Academy with a lungeing program in which she learned to relax her back and follow the horse's movement. This is her first lesson on Fabio off of the lunge line. Here she is learning to use her newly found seat for directing the horse around the arena and to do basic figures (circles, diagonals, centerlines, etc) using her seat for direction and her legs for correcting the horse lack of straightness instead of using the reins. She is now going home to practice what she leaned and probably come back in the future to carry on with her education. During her time at Equus Acaemy, she also learned to handles babies and stallions, trim feet and assist in breeding and foaling mares. She has been a great student.

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